Dukhon Tax


Dukhon Tax is a Certified Public Accountants firm located in Allston, Massachusetts.  Delivering a wide variety of accounting services, the team at Dukhon offers tax preparation and guidance, business advisory, Portable CFO, payroll solutions, a client portal, and free consultations.  Dukhon Tax is proud to serve individuals and businesses in Boston, Allston and Brighton.

Responsible For:

  • Web Design
  • WordPress CMS
  • Web Maintenance
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimization

Launch Website

Twitter Tips

Do you still fear the #hastags and @tags on Twitter?  The social media team at Dalen Design has a few Twitter tips to get you started. 1. Want your tweet to appear to the masses?  Do not start a tweet with the @ symbol, as these are kept out of the main feed. 2. Until... read more

WordPress Plugins: Can You Have Too Many?

When it comes to WordPress Plugins, the team at Dalen Design is often asked “Can you have too many?”  In our opinion, yes. WordPress Plugin Directory At present, the WordPress Plugin Directory offers more than 40,500 free plugins.  Some assist with SEO,... read more

SEO and Building A Strong Foundation

A website is like a home, it needs a strong foundation to support the structure.  So how should a business ensure their web presence is built to withstand the test of time?  It all comes down to relevant, quality content. Back in the early days of SEO (search engine... read more