Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s hard not to think about our neighbours to the South and their upcoming holiday. With American Thanksgiving comes the kickoff of holiday shopping: Black Friday.

Black Friday is no longer about getting up early and snagging a good spot in line at the store. Customers prefer to stay home and make the most of those holiday deals online. Who doesn’t prefer shopping in their pyjamas?

You can take advantage of this with a killer Black Friday online campaign. But there’s more to it than just posting your sales online. Here’s how to make your campaign social.

Let them decide

Before you determine your sales for Black Friday, ask your customers what they would like to see for sale. A simple question posted to Facebook or Twitter will do.

This can help you decide what deals to create. Then, when your customers see these deals, they will know they played a role. Showing customers how important they are keeps them coming back.

Ask them to share

We all love to share that new pair of shoes or new shirt we just bought, especially if we got a great deal. Make it easy for your customers to share what they bought from you and the deal they received. This may entice their network of friends or followers to pay a visit to your website, bringing in more potential customers.

Make it easy

Asking your Twitter followers to retweet something in exchange for a discount will not only bring them to your website, it will also help expand your reach to other networks. A simple retweet is one of the easiest ways to get people talking about your deals, as it does not require much action from them. The easier it is for them, the more likely they are to participate.

Regardless of the deals you share, it’s important to remember the social side of online campaigns. The more you get your customers talking, the better experience you create for them and the more likely they will be to come back.