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What Happened to Blogging?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is incredibly important if you want your website to be visible to people searching on keywords associated with your product, service or brand. Yet optimizing web page content – and by extension blog posts – is tricky... read more

Google Mobile Index

In October 2016, Google announced that within months it will be dividing its desktop index from its mobile index. This mobile index will become the primary responder to all search engine queries, ensuring mobile users are presented with better, fresher, and fast... read more

Keywords to Concepts

Over the last 12 to 18 months, even if you have no interest in SEO, you have probably heard about the “death of keywords”. Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing and extensively optimized content. Instead, we have entered the stage where keywords must... read more

Twitter Tips

Do you still fear the #hastags and @tags on Twitter?  The social media team at Dalen Design has a few Twitter tips to get you started. 1. Want your tweet to appear to the masses?  Do not start a tweet with the @ symbol, as these are kept out of the main feed. 2. Until... read more

SEO and Building A Strong Foundation

A website is like a home, it needs a strong foundation to support the structure.  So how should a business ensure their web presence is built to withstand the test of time?  It all comes down to relevant, quality content. Back in the early days of SEO (search engine... read more

Adblock Plus Available for iOS & Android

Mobile data is costly, and websites bogged down with ads can be frustrating for users. Ads slow down page loading time, can be invasive from a tracking standpoint, and quickly hog data allowances.  So what can mobile users do block undesired content on their devices?... read more

App Interstitial

It’s official.  If your website runs an app interstitial, it’s time to remove the “feature”. App interstitials, a popup asking users to install an iphone or Android app before allow them to visit your website, will soon lead to a Google... read more

Mobile Commerce Trends

Consumers are using their smartphones and mobile devices for more than just research of brands or products. Mobile commerce, also known as mCommerce, is the latest global phenomenon. CJG Digital Marketing put together this fabulous infographic, which clearly... read more

How To Optimize Facebook

For many companies, social media has become a mainstay marketing strategy. While most platforms are offering sponsored ads, boosting and other pay-for-use features, social media remains a predominately free marketing tool. This week, we wanted to share proven methods... read more

Website Must-Haves – Fluid Navigation

Have you ever visited a website and struggled to find information? You were probably annoyed or frustrated, and quickly sought out a competitor. When a website lacks fluid navigation or is complicated, it has failed its purpose. In our fast-paced world, internet... read more

Should You Update WordPress?

Every time a new WordPress version is released, we receive calls asking if it is wise to accept the update. The reality is every new WordPress release contains valuable updates: bug fixes, security patches, enhanced or new features, and improved performance. The... read more

Content Worthy of Social Sharing

With millions of websites and blogs clamouring for bragging rights, how do you get people to visit and share your content?  While there is no sure-fire method, the team at Dalen Design truly believes the answer lies in creating visual content worthy of social sharing.... read more