All in One SEO PluginEarlier this month, WordPress sites running the popular All in One SEO Plugin were urged to immediately install an upgrade version.

During a code audit, the All in One SEO Plugin was determined to have flaws and vulnerabilities. As such, search rankings could be beaten down by readers and hackers could inject malicious code permitting cross-site scripting attacks against vulnerable sites. Given the All in One SEO Plugin has been downloaded close to 19 million times, users were urged to immediately update. Learn more here:

While the announcement occurred in early June, the team at Dalen Design would like to remind WordPress users with the All in One SEO Plugin to please complete the necessary fix. It is very straightforward, and involves simply upgrading to the latest version available.

How to complete the All in One SEO Plugin Upgrade

1. Sign in to your WordPress admin panel
2. Select plugins
3. Choose “All in One SEO”
4. From the dropdown box (top or bottom of page), select UPDATE
5. If an update is available, it will begin an installation

Unsure if the upgrade was successfully installed or need determine if another team member completed the task? Log into your WordPress admin panel, visit your plugin details page, and verify the version you have installed. Current version number can be seen here:


wordpress plugin directoryAt Dalen Design, we take safety and security seriously.  Should you need assistance with installing patches or plugin upgrades, please contact us.