google mobile index

In October 2016, Google announced that within months it will be dividing its desktop index from its mobile index. This mobile index will become the primary responder to all search engine queries, ensuring mobile users are presented with better, fresher, and fast loading content. While Google did confirm the desktop index will still be maintained, it will not be updated as frequently.

So what does this mean for your web presence?
It means having a mobile friendly website is about to become imperative.

In light of this announcement, the team from Dalen Design offers these tips:

  • Take time to verify your website passes the mobile analysis at Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool. Should your website fail the test, we encourage you to reach out to the Dalen Design team for support.
  • If your website receives Google’s stamp of approval, and your desktop website matches your mobile version, then your site should continue to rank favourably. In the event you removed, condensed or limited your mobile site content, it may be time to beef up your tokens (words) or links.
  • Thanks to the collaboration between Google and Twitter, Dalen Design is implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to help speed up mobile sites. AMP pages load quickly and efficiently, ensuring your audience has an optimized viewing experience – no matter what their screen site.
  • Finally, monitor your Google rankings over the coming months. While some shuffling is expected, any major drops in rankings will warrant a review.

Should you have any questions about Google’s new mobile index or any other SEO matters, please reach out to the Dalen Design team.