You have a blog. You write for it regularly. But for some reason, people aren’t reading it. Sound familiar?

writing content tipsWith the exorbitant amount of information on the Internet, it can be hard to make your content stand out. You have to show people why your content is worth their valuable time. Making your content easy to read will ensure more people take the time to read it. Here are some methods for making your content readable:

Important information first

It takes mere seconds for a reader to decide whether or not they are going to read an article. Make sure your most important information is at the top, to help sway their decision.

Hopefully, they will be so enthralled by what you wrote, they won’t be able to turn away. If they don’t finish the article, at least you communicated your point to them in the time they did read it.

Short paragraphs

On the Internet, readers tend to read the first sentence of a paragraph and move onto the next. This is known as skimming, maybe you’ve done it.

Shorter paragraphs make an article easier to skim, and makes sure that readers will see more of it. Write two to three sentences per paragraph, just as a guideline.


lists as blog postsLike short paragraphs, subheads make an article easy to skim through quickly. It categorizes your article and breaks it up so readers can get the gist of it faster.

Readers love lists on the Internet. Subheads make your article look like a list, making people more likely to read it.

What you write is important, but how you write it is just as important. Make sure your readers see just how amazing your content is by making it more readable.