A website is like a home, it needs a strong foundation to support the structure.  So how should a business ensure their web presence is built to withstand the test of time?  It all comes down to relevant, quality content.

Dalen Design Ottawa SEOBack in the early days of SEO (search engine optimization), websites and web pages were stuffed with keywords.  While this shady tactic may have resulted in high search engine rankings, it did little to bolster a positive user experience.  Over time, Google and other search engines tweaked their algorithms to review content and the quality of the user experience.  We saw the continued importance of the user experience come into play earlier this year, when Google publicly announced the demotion of rankings if websites did not have mobile responsive design.

Which brings us back to content.  No matter how small or grand your SEO strategy, one thing remains clear.  There is no silver bullet, no guaranteed recipe for success.  When updating your website or adding new pages, always think about your audience.  What do they want to read?  What photos serve as inspiration or help with buying decisions?  Couple this information with keyword analysis and research, and take the time to optimize your pages and posts.  By using a combination of approaches, you will certainly be building a web presence worth visiting time and again.