socialsharingWith millions of websites and blogs clamouring for bragging rights, how do you get people to visit and share your content?  While there is no sure-fire method, the team at Dalen Design truly believes the answer lies in creating visual content worthy of social sharing.  Sounds like a big undertaking, but we promise it can be accomplished.

Social Media Buttons
First things first.  Ensure your website is setup with social media buttons.  Make it easy for visitors to follow your social platforms, and ensure your content can be easily shared.  Keep it simple by using clearly identifiable logos.

Visual Content
Reality check: most of us do not have time to read blogs, even if it’s only a minute or two.  In order to capture and hold attention, you need to go for the visuals.  Curb the wordy text, and replace with relevant images, infographics, and videos.  This simple change can greatly impact your relationship with followers and consumers.

Open Communication
Business owners may fear the comments section on a website, blog or social media.  Granted you may have to deal with negative comments or a troll on occasion, but the flip side is consumers appreciate open communication.  Show you are trustworthy by allowing comments, and encourage your followers to engage and share.

When it comes to creating content worthy of social sharing, think about time management and catching the eye.  Be prepared to embrace change, and do not fear asking your followers what they want to see.