Having a blog is one thing, having a large audience on your blog is another story (or so it can feel like). If you have a blog, you know how difficult it can be to increase views. There’s no anxiety like waiting for the view count to go up on a new blog post.

It takes time to grow your blog organically. There is a general rule that if you have a regular posting schedule (once/day, once/week, once/month etc.) your audience will grow over time. This is true, but there are ways that you can get more eyes to each post, increasing the rate at which your audience grows


social media work ottawaEach time you write a new blog post, draft 4 or 5 tweets that summarize the post. Share them, along with a link to the post, periodically in the days after you publish it. Don’t be afraid to share your new blog post multiple times. You wrote it, be proud of it! Not everyone watches Twitter 24/7, so you won’t annoy anyone and more people will see it.

Blog posts that you published in the past may still be relevant. Do the same for those posts. Go through your old posts, draft a few tweets that summarize what they are about and share them on Twitter.

Respond to Comments

If you asked your readers to comment on your blog post, make sure you respond. Responding to comments shows readers that you are listening to them. New readers will see this as well and know that you listen to your audience. This makes it tempting for readers to come back.

Reach Out

Finally, it never hurts to reach out to other bloggers. Find the major bloggers in your industry and start following them on Twitter. Interact with them where you can. If it is ever applicable, share your content with them. Only do this when they could potentially find value in it, otherwise it might look desperate.

Guest Blogging

Search for guest blogging networks and offer other blog writers in your niche a few different post topics that are relevant to their blog and readership. Reach out to see if they would be interested in posting an article of their choosing from your list of topics on their blog. Often you can include a short bio and link back to your own website and blog in return, and a jump in traffic may occur too!

These are just a few ways to increase the number of people who visit your blog. What methods have you used to increase your blog audience?