optimize facebook dalen designFor many companies, social media has become a mainstay marketing strategy. While most platforms are offering sponsored ads, boosting and other pay-for-use features, social media remains a predominately free marketing tool. This week, we wanted to share proven methods to optimize Facebook business pages.

Use Your Business Name

Steer clear of keyword stuffing tactics and make your business shine. Where possible, use your business name and update the dynamic URL provided by Facebook to your own vanity URL.  Think of your Facebook business page as a second website, where you can openly engage with your customers.

Facebook Vanity URL

When you sign up for a Facebook Business Page, a dynamic URL is automatically generated.  Instead of accepting this default, take a few minutes to personalize your URL.  By choosing a page name which closely mirrors your business name, you can improve your traction with the search engines.

Complete About Overview & Page Info

In addition to adding your cover photo and profile picture, take time to complete the About “Overview” and “Page Info” sections.  These areas provide the perfect opportunity to detail your hours, location and contact information.  If applicable, utilize the subcategories (typically Facebook allows you to select three) section.  The Short Description should be clear and concise, as 155 characters will be displayed in search engine snippets.  Make your wording choices and keywords count!

Call-To-Action Button

Facebook rolled out a Call-To-Action button, to ensure followers would easily contact or interact with every business page.  While some experts argue the CTA options are limited, Facebook has tried to provide well-rounded options.  At present this includes: Contact Us, Sign Up, Book Now, Play Game, Use App, Show Now, and Watch Video.

Optimize Facebook Updates

Did you know the first 18 characters of your Facebook posts serve as the meta title and meta description in SERPs.  What does this mean for your business?  Every time you post to Facebook, be it a photo, video, content, or a share, ensure you are adding a description.