Repurpose ContentOver 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared every single day. If you have not already jumped on the content marketing bandwagon, it is time to embrace the new reality.

Market research has shown customers crave useful content. However, they want it simplified with less text and more visuals. What does this mean for the company who has written countless blog posts? It is time to repurpose content.

Repurpose Content Hack #1 – Make An Infographic

Infographics are the perfect tool for communicating your message in a visual manner.  Struggle with design? No access to Photoshop?  Consider trying your hand at infogr.amVisme, Canva, and the most popular, Piktochart.  When in doubt, try outsourcing.

Repurpose Content Hack #2 – Make A Presentation

Have you created a “How To” guide?  Perhaps you’ve shared a blog post with step-by-step instructions for clients?  Harness your content, input the information into PowerPoint, and share your knowledge and advice on SlideShare.

988938_840160762696105_1284263049936495160_nRepurpose Content Hack #3 – Make a Visual Image

Have you embedded quotes into your blog posts? Perhaps you have a tag line or slogan you want to share?  How about a “Quick Tip”?  It’s time to make a visual.  Find a background image, use your logo and overlay the quote.  It does not have to be fancy, and should only take a few seconds to read.  Here is an example from Hot Tub Covers Canada’s Facebook page.

Repurpose Content Hack #4 – Make a Video

Following in the footsteps of making a visual image, many customers and clients will watch a video before they will read a blog post.  From talking about your product to sharing a tutorial, virtually any and all written content can be transferred to video.  Watch this great example from Team Elder Home Sales in Ottawa.  Martin Elder shares a snippet of his day with clients past and present.

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