flat web design trendsFlat web design became the rage in 2013, with Microsoft Windows 8 and Apple iOS 7 cementing the momentum.  Rarely do you see web developers showcasing their skills with flashy illustrations or animations.  Even the shift towards skeuomorphic design, which endeavoured to bring real life imagery to websites with drop shadows and textures, was short lived.  Instead, we are moving towards a simplified, user-centric style.

This improved flat web design reverts back to the basics of functionality and usability.  A compromise between the overly detailed skeuomorphism and oh-so-flat designs, the crisp edges, white space, reduced clutter, and flat illustrations produce a user-friendly aesthetic.  This is not to say flat web design lacks flash.  Bright, contrasting colours can make buttons or images pop and guide the user.  Minimalistic imagery can also contribute character, without the need for detailed illustrations.  Identifiable, universal icons can simplify the click process.  Bottom line, designers are achieving more by using less.

flat web design trendsStripping away all the bells and whistles of a website can help your content shine, and make your design perform.  However, your target audience plays an important role.  At Dalen Design, we can help you determine if your users will gravitate towards a flat web design aesthetic or a cheerful palate of colours and textures.  Do not be intimidated by the changes or upgrades required to benefit your users.

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