outdated web design trendsFact: It takes 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about your website.

Much like music, fashion and food, web design trends come and go. Even websites designed in the last two or three years probably boast a few faux-pas attributes. When compared against an up-to-the-minute website, the visual differences can be astounding. What should you avoid or remove from your existing website? Do you even need a web design overhaul? The team at Dalen Design offers this quick review of what we view as the Top 3 Outdated Web Design Trends.

Outdated Web Design Trend #1 – Flash

Not so long ago, a revolutionary technology transformed a static website into a progressive, interactive experience. Flash opened up a realm of possibilities, and quickly became the big web design trend. Yet, like all good things, Flash met its fate with the advent of smart mobile devices. Flash also had a major drawback: the flamboyant introductions were not search engine friendly and hindered SEO efforts.

Outdated Web Design Trend #2 – Popups

People want to visit a website to obtain specific information or purchase a product. In most cases, popups distract visitors from reaching their goal. Think about how many times you have been bombarded with “Join Our Newsletter”, “Enter to Win”, “Like Us on Facebook”, or “Live Chat with a Customer Service Representative”. Did you find the popup annoying? Did it undermine the value of the website or detract from your shopping experience? Bottom line: consider the full user experience and determine if your popup is necessary.

Outdated Web Design Trend #3 – Loquacious Content

“Less is More” and “Short and Sweet” should apply to every website. Whether you are in the business of selling a product or providing informative resources, keep your content simple. With more website visitors utilizing mobile devices to accomplish daily tasks, bullet points or simplified text is the perfect substitute for lengthy paragraphs.


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