fluid navigationHave you ever visited a website and struggled to find information? You were probably annoyed or frustrated, and quickly sought out a competitor. When a website lacks fluid navigation or is complicated, it has failed its purpose.

In our fast-paced world, internet searchers are impatient and spend less than 15 seconds on a landing page. Unless a website can capture their interest and provide the information they are seeking, they will bounce to another site. Which leads many companies, both big and small to ask:

How do you ensure your have effective and fluid navigation?

1. Limit your main or landing page navigation to five to seven categories.  Less is more.
2. If you need to utilize sub-categories, ensure the drop-downs are easily accessible.
3. Ensure you have very clear headings.
4. Ensure your services or products are clearly visible.
5. Ensure your testimonials and/or blog is easily found.
6. Provide social media buttons. Encourage your visitors to connect on their preferred platform.
7. Always think about your visitors: keep it simple, friendly and visually welcoming.