We don’t just live in a mobile world, we live in a diverse media world. Gone are the days where we had one place, and one place only, to browse the web. Now, we are what Google calls multi-screen users. We view web pages through computers, smartphones, tablets and TVs. This means that your website has to work on each of these platforms. It’s time to go mobile.

Your website functions naturally on a computer, but that is no longer the only place where people visit your website. Approximately 10% of all customers are coming to your site from a smartphone, which may be a conservative figure. In the restaurant or retail world, this number is closer to 46%. People need more information on the go.

With so much information on the internet, and the need to live life, people have very little time to spare on the internet. They use their time wisely, and want website to respect that. When they commute to work, wait in line or wait for a meeting, mobile customers pull out their smartphones and find productivity online. This means you need a fast, responsive, mobile friendly site.

If someone visits your site through their smartphone, and see a computer-based site that they can barely interact with, they will leave. This is important considering smartphones are the most common starting point for customers. A bad mobile site leaves a bad impression, and can turn a potential customer away.

Making your website responsive on all platforms is crucial for surviving online. If you haven’t already done so, it can seem daunting to recode your entire site. Dalen Design provides lucrative web design services to make your site function on all platforms.