blogSearch engine algorithms may change, but one thing remains constant: authoritative content. A website publishing valuable, informative content to their blog on a regular basis will continue to be rewarded over stale or stagnant sites.

If you are looking to give you website a leg up, consider the addition of a blog. While it may seem like extra work, a few hours each month can ensure your followers and new site visitors have access to the information they want, when they want it.

Struggling with blog topics? Always think about your audience, their limited time, and your ultimate message. Some great examples to get you started: Answer frequently asked questions, share wacky or innovative news stories, offer advance notice of sales or promotions, and share industry related news or features.

While there is no hard and fast rule, many companies try to blog at least once or twice a month.  If you can manage to post weekly or daily, you are certainly offering your audience a reason to return more often.  Finally, once you have published your latest content, always remember to share your post across social media channels and via newsletters.