No doubt about it, today’s marketplace is competitive. When it comes to brand awareness, every company needs to consider what sets them apart. Why should a customer select your product or service over another? It all comes down to your story, what you can do for the reader, and ultimately, a personal touch.

your story about usAt Dalen Design, we strongly recommend the use of an “About Us“, “Our Story”, “Our Company” or “History” page. Most users tend to visit an about page within the first four or five clicks. Ranking as one of the most visited pages on a website, every brand should be taking advantage of this prime real estate.

Engage your audience, and share a unique perspective about your company’s history. Demonstrate how your product can enhance their lives. Illustrate how your service is benefiting others. Considering adding testimonials and eye-catching photos. Ultimately, prove what sets your company apart.

By adding a personal touch to your website, visitors are likely to feel a connection. When you are looking for conversions in today’s voracious market, never underestimate the power of your story.

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