wordpress automationBusinesses of all sizes have recognized the importance of communicating with consumers on social networks. Thanks to demand from the market and the ingenuity of developers, WordPress automation tools are helping ease the stress associated with social sharing. Here is a high level overview of the frequently asked about IFTTT from the team at Dalen Design.

IFTTT stands for “If this, then that”. Often called the “swiss army knife” or “one-man band” for WordPress, IFTTT currently offers connections between 107 different social channels.

How does it work? WordPress users can create a recipe. Your IFTTT protocol can be composed with a trigger, the action and the ingredients.

For many, the ability to automatically share blog posts on social media is a priority. Here is how WordPress automation IFTTT can make your life easier.

You just published a new blog post: Your blog can be the trigger or the action. With WordPress as the trigger, you can you automatically publish on your Facebook page timeline. Alternatively, if your Facebook page is setup as the trigger, a WordPress blog post can be the resulting action.

Triggers are comprised of various ingredients. These ingredients are part of the data specific to the trigger. Using the post to Facebook example above, your ingredients could be Post URL, Post Title, Post Content, and so much more.

IFTTT WordPress automation is not limited to posting blogs. Here are a few more recipes you can create with the trigger-action combination: Facebook Page to WordPress, WordPress to Facebook Page, WordPress to Facebook Profile, Facebook Profile Link to WordPress, Facebook Photo Profile Uploaded to WordPress, Instagram to WordPress, WordPress to Twitter, Twitter to WordPress, YouTube Upload to WordPress, RSS Feed to WordPress. The list of recipes is endless!

Want to learn more about WordPress and IFTTT? We strongly recommend you visit the following pages:
https://ifttt.com/wordpress and http://wordpress.org/plugins/ifttt-post-formats/

If you or your team are feeling the stress from social networking, it may be time to explore WordPress automation tools. Rest assured there is something for every business – regardless of your market or size. Get your WordPress solution working for you.