DISQUS Stock ImageTired of the deficiencies built into the core WordPress commenting system? In our on-going series of WordPress Plugin reviews, the team at Dalen Design wanted to draw attention to DISQUS.

Regarded as the most popular, dynamic, and interactive external commenting system, DISQUS offers a clean, responsive design. Suitable for users on desktops, tablets and mobiles, it also boasts support for images and videos. It is feature rich, offering threaded replies, RSS subscription, email updates, and login access via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

DISQUS Stock ImageThe DISQUS for WordPress plugin can be seamlessly integrated using the DISQUS API and via auto-syncing with WordPress comments. The robust administration area features full spam filtering, in addition to manageable whitelists and blacklists. Comments are indexable by search engines, which helps improve your SEO. Finally, DISQUS for WordPress is designed to ensure you never lose any comments; even if you should revert back to the default WordPress commenting system.

While DISQUS is not for every Dalen Design client, it certainly can help engage and improve customer interaction. Learn more about the large support community by visiting the developer website or the WordPress plugin directory.