When it comes to WordPress Plugins, the team at Dalen Design is often asked “Can you have too many?”  In our opinion, yes.

wordpressWordPress Plugin Directory

At present, the WordPress Plugin Directory offers more than 40,500 free plugins.  Some assist with SEO, others provide creative photo gallery displays or video repositories.  No matter feature or functionality you are hoping to improve on your WordPress website, a plugin to solve the problem likely exists.

So, with all the tempting choices in the plugin directory – how many is too many?  While WordPress has never come out and confirmed a magic number, WP Curve recommended 20 to be an ideal number.  Why keep your plugin number as low as possible?

1. You want to ensure your page load times are quick (too many plugins will slow down the load time)
2. You want to avoid disappearing menu items, images and content (conflicts between plugins)

When it comes to WordPress Plugins, remember to err on the side of ‘less is more’.  Use plugins you deem essential to your website, and ditch those sitting inactive or unwanted.

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