Social Media Management

Social Media: It’s about engaging your customers. Starting a dialogue. Creating community. Social media is a powerful force that will help you build your business.

Whether you are already tweeting and blogging or are just starting to figure it out, Dalen Design can help you to get the online discussion going, or post regularly on your behalf to start en

We can:

  • Design, write, create and customize your social profiles, pages, channels and/or galleries for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo and more
  • Design, write, create and customize your blog and integrate it with your website


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You want your customers and prospects to be able to easily find your website through Google and Bing searches. Knowing how to optimize your site’s design, content and keywords can dramatically improve your results. Increasing web traffic and site visibility means that potential customers can find your business or products in popular search engines. More about organic search optimization »

Online search strategy: Dalen Design can analyze your website’s search data to improve your business and product offerings.