Web Photography

Making your site visually rich

Dalen Design provides a range of photography services to complement your website.

Stock photography: If you need images for your website or print materials in low volume and have a limited budget , then stock photography may be the way to go. There are millions of photos to choose from and you can usually get them quickly and inexpensively from an online stock photography site.

Custom photography: If you have a particular image in mind, we may be able to produce it for you. Let’s talk »

Product Shots: We’ll take photos of your product and display them in a visually attractive way to complement the style of your website. (Please note that this service is currently only available in Ontario and eastern Quebec.)

Photo Retouching and Optimization: We will retouch your photos for better colour, contrast and faster loading time. If your special photos have been damaged through the passage of time or mishandling, we can retouch and repair tears, creases, and discolouration. Examples of our work are shown below.

Photo Enhancement: This involves any aspect of the photo you wish to change; from removing a freckle, to full colorization of an old black and white photo.

Photo Alterations: We can remove people in the background, change the colour of clothing, bags under the eyes, whiten teeth or remove red eye, just about anything you’d like to change about an image.

Digitalization: Have your photo print collection or 35mm slides transferred onto CD or DVD.